Germany - Unfolding The Fairy Tale Of Castles And Scenic Beauties In A Rich Heritage Land!

Do you wish to make a trip to a fairyland filled with castles and blooms? Then the best place to visit would undoubtedly be Germany. Filled with lush green landscapes, blooming gorgeous florets, mysterious castles; oozing with the rich heritage and whispering tales of cultural and scenic marvels! It is the largest country in the whole of central Europe and is encompassed by Denmark in the north and Switzerland and Austria in the south. It is also flanked by Poland and the Czech Republic in the east and France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg in the west. It is regarded as one of the greatest economic powers of the world and is especially known for its rich cultural heritage. Here are some must visit places in Germany:

Be Awed By The Rich Historical Structures - Berlin!

Berlin, the federal capital of Germany, speaks tales of historic structures filled with ethnic and cultural tourist attractions. The Brandenburg Gate and also the Reichstag structures take the visitors to a time travel down the lanes of histories. Even though the famous Berlin Wall had been demolished long ago, still it stands tall at the Checkpoint Charlie and the Reichstag, murmuring tales of historical legacy to the globe trotters.

Be Spellbound By The Burst Of Talents In Opera Houses And Devour On Litres Of Beer At The Famous Oktober Fest-Munich!

Munich is best known for its world-famous beer fest named Oktober Fest. It was first begun in the year 1810 as a part of the royal wedding festivities. It was then continued as a custom every year, and now millions of visitors from all over the world come over to devour a million litres of beer and delectable Bavarian cuisine. Enormous beer tents are set up exclusively for the purpose. Munich is also well known for the opera houses and theatres in it. Thousands of multi-talented artists perform at the theatre.

The Land Of Dreamy Fairy Tale Castles- Neuschwanstein

Take a dreamy trip back to the world of breathtaking fairytale castles. Revive the childhood fantasies and be the princess and prince of the castles. The Neuschwanstein castle is one of the most photographed buildings in the whole of Germany. It is also regarded as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. The gorgeous castle that looks straight out from a fairy tale stand tall in the midst of the breathtaking Bavarian Alps. The Walt Disney’s popular fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty’s castle was said to be inspired by the Neuschwanstein Castle.

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