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Wondering how to plan an event at a new destination? Leave it to a reputed Destination Management Company (DMC). In short they are an event management service for outdoor events. The DMC has immense knowledge of the locality and resources with extensive networking giving the client a rich event experience. They have the expertise and knowledge to organize and coordinate events in a location of your choice. They budget caterers, accommodation, transportation and other facilities at the new location. DMC has the connections to make the all the arrangements on time contained in your budget.

Apart from local expertise they have thorough knowledge of event management process and will be in a position to get the best quote for various activities through their connection and bulk purchasing capability.

Hiring a service provider with certification of destination management professionals and being a member of Association of Destination Management Executives would be an added advantage. Being a member makes it mandatory for them to carry general liability insurance giving the client protection from unscrupulous DMCs.

Explore The World With Top DMC Companies

Pull through any event in style at any place in the world with top of the rack DMC companies in the US. Expand your business across frontiers showcasing your products and services in a new territory and attracting new business opportunities. DMC can assist you in this endeavor by helping you overcome the challenges of conducting events at a new destination through their expertise and contacts.

DMCs in the US offer a boutique of services increasing the value of the company. The roles adapted by a DMC are endless as they operate as satellite offices in various cities and towns across the globe catering to clients of varied profiles and interests. Their success depends on tying up with strong local suppliers who are reliable and deliver products and services on time.

The more the representation the higher is the reputation of a DMC in US. To succeed the company should represent a host of services while retaining budget variation and focusing on the ever changing needs of the client.

Top DMC companies in US

Thanks to the sophisticated network, DMCs can make it happen. The blend of global access matters for every business and for DMC it is extra crucial. Listed below are top three destination management companies that can tailor paths for various specifications at distant sites. The top DCMs were selected based on the research findings and reviews from corporate, government, associations, institutions, conference organizers and event management firms.

Access Destination Services, San Diego

Efficiency in Diversity
Access Destination Management Services
  • An award winning end to end destination management companies located in San Diego, they conceive and coordinate programs from concept to finish including logistics, transportation, entertainment, social responsibility events and other recreational activities.
  • Under one brand name, the firm has consistently churned out successful events giving the client the best of services in every destination they service.
  • Their intimate understanding with the local vendors has made them a successful name in the industry.
  • The company focuses shared experience and gives an opportunity to organizations to establish their presence far and wide.
  • They bring about efficiency in diversity.

Bixel & Co., Los Angeles

Creativity and Innovation
bixel logo
  • Based in Southern California, the DMC is well known for its creative and imaginative execution of events.
  • The company caters to a range of private and corporate events irrespective of the location to create an unforgettable experience for the guests.
  • Bixel is dedicated to building a long term relationship delivering service with innovation, passion and consistency.
  • On the clientele are Fortune 500 companies and SMEs.
  • The packages are designed to meet individual needs. The services include a comprehensive décor and lighting, proposal development from start to finish, supplier sourcing, event production, logistics, hospitality, staffing, catering, entertainment, incentive programs and much more.

CTC, Illinois

Skill and Experience
ctc logo
  • CTC is a full service DMC located in Chicago and has a reputed of providing flawless and personalized services to clients far and wide.
  • The reputation of the company goes deep since its inception in 1989.
  • They offer unparalleled professionalism and attention to minute details.
  • The company provides an extensive knowledge of various destinations making it easier to conduct events anywhere.
  • Their service activities involve logistics, event production, event design and implementation. With CTC you can be rest assured of complete return on investment.
  • The company is extremely skilled in time management, risk management and coordination of events.

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Things to Know about DMC Companies

Valuable Tips To Pick The Right Destination Management Company

The real challenge for the traveler lies in choosing the right destination management company for a stress-free travel. For a superior experience, it is important to research extensively to save time and money.

How To Choose Destination Management Company Based On Its Merits?

There is a strong relationship between the destination management company and the event planners. Research has gone to prove the strengths and weakness of one can affect the other along with the technological effect and marketing efforts.

Description Of Destination Management Company

While organizing events in a new land it is important to have a wealth of local knowledge on the city or town you are conducting an event. DMC has to be rooted in the basics. Arranging for transport, transfers during the event is a crucial portfolio of the DMC.

The Need For Destination Management Company Revealed

Running an event in a new location without the assistance of Destination Management Company could be an ordeal. Their extensive knowledge of the local market and network with vendors can put the client in an advantageous position.

Role Of Destination Management Company

Destination Management Company has a prominent role to play in the travel business. They take care of transfers, accommodation, activities, events and the likes once the client reaches the destination. They provide a hassle free event and tour experience.

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