Be Prepared To Be Awestruck By The Land Of Astounding Diversity, Artistic Heritages, Culinary Arts And Stunning Landscapes- India!

If you ever doubt how diverse a land can ever be, then you have not yet seen India! India is the epitome of diversities in culture, religions, customs, languages and traditions. Each state in India unfolds a wide variety of tales so much so that you just stop and wonder whether you saw it all in one country itself. India will make you shake your head in pure wonder and ignite the curious traveller in you. India will leave a special warmth in your soul and lure you again and again to visit the place. You just can’t get enough of gazing and experiencing India. India’s dramatic terrains make you stand awestruck in your tracks.From towering snow-covered northern peaks to the sun-kissed beaches with rushing waves in the southern coasts. India has everything you need to see.

Besides the breathtaking natural beauties, India is also well-known for artistically beautiful architectures in the form of serene temples, mosques and churches. You could see elegant temples rise above pancake-like flat desert areas and exquisite fortresses peer high over the deep plunging ravines. Take a ride along the adventurous safaris filled with jungle cats, paddle through the rushing waves in the glistening waters of the sun-washed beaches. You could even take adventurous and blood-pumping treks along the Himalayas or just inhale the pine-scented breeze while strolling through the mediterranean forests.

Here are few of the must-visit places in India. There are too many awe-inspiring destinations so much so that it is difficult to point out a few:

“The Paradise On Earth”- Srinagar!

Srinagar lies on the enchanting banks of river Jhelum with deep, spellbinding valleys guarded by sky scraping alps and lush green landscapes. Srinagar is the perfect blend of beauty, romance, harmony and nature. No wonder it is known to be the heaven on earth. The exotic Shalimar garden leaves you spellbound while the dal lake leaves you pondering for words to describe its charismatic appeal. Make an unforgettable ride with the Shikara ride. Srinagar is also well known for religious architectural marvels like the Hazratbal Mosque.Srinagar will be the ideal destination choice if you are looking for an exquisite location to make the invitees go awe-struck.

Inhale The Enchanting Scents Of Tea Gardens And Loss Yourself In The Exotic Sceneries- Munnar!

Munnar is the perfect picturesque location well-known for its aromatic tea gardens, enchanting locations and burst of flora and fauna. The scabrous peaks make you believe in the magic of natural beauty. It is one of the best-known hill stations in Kerala, known as the “God’s own country”. Munnar is located on the gorgeous banks of beauteous rivers named Nallathanni, Periavaru and Madupetti. The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Eravikulam National Park are some of the major tourist destinations. If you wish to wake up in the tea-scented plantations towering with mystic cold hills and conduct a special event to be remembered for a life time, then definitely Munnar is your choice!

The Place Of Everlasting Monument Of Passionate Love, Taj Mahal- Agra!

How can you even miss the well-known monument of eternal love, Tajmahal when you visit India? Agra is home to one of the awesome seven wonders of the whole world, and it is called Taj Mahal! Take a quick sneak peek into the enchanting architectural history of India. Be prepared to be marvelled by the Agra Fort and the Fatehpur Sikri. Taj Mahal itself is one of the well-acclaimed architectural masterpieces that makes every Indian’s chest swell with pride. But Agra is not just Taj Mahal alone. There is the UNESCO world heritage sites and various other artistic masterpieces. In fact Agra has millions of heartfelt love letters written to her by the visitors, etched deep in her heart and soul. The Mughal art and cultural displays make you enchanted and spellbound. If you are an architecture and history fanatic, then Agra is the right destination for your event.

Destination Management Companies In India

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