The Boot Shaped Nation With Awe-Inspiring Landscapes, Drool-Worthy Cuisines And Trendy Fashions- Italy!

Do you wish to make a trip to somewhere incredibly beautiful so much so that you have to pinch yourself to believe it is not a dream? Then try Italy! Trust me, you are sure to be dazed at the sight of the gorgeous landscapes, artistic works, the towering cathedrals, the unbelievably stunning architecture and the list just goes on! Venice in Italy is the dream destination for any fashionista. If you are planning a destination event, then Italy is undoubtedly the best venue you can ever find. Even the cuisine there is world class. The expressos, cappuccinos, pasta, ice creams, you name it; they deliver the top class cuisine that is just finger-licking good!

Here are some of the best destinations in Italy for you:

Historic Yet Modern, The Heavenly Abode Of Cathedrals- Rome!

Rome is the capital city of the dreamy Italy. The unique blend of historical ancient Roman structures set in a modern and polished environment gives you the perfect goals on how to preserve the historic monuments even while modernising the surroundings. Rome is over 2500 years old and is regarded as the centrepiece of power, religion and culture. While you are there, don’t forget to check out the stunning cathedrals, renaissance architectures and romantic plazas.

An Alluring Treasure Of Islands Connected By Spellbinding Canals And Breathtakingly Beautiful Bridges- Venice!

If you plan a destination event in Italy, make it extra special by conducting the event at Venice. Venice is home to a vast collection of dreamy island destination set in the midst of canals filled with crystal clear blue waters and surrounded by prepossessing landscapes. The islands are connected with charismatic and picturesque bridges that make you fall hopelessly in love with the place. The irresistible architecture that speaks volumes of historical tales adds to the charm.

The Grand Canal is the most significant canal, and it divides the city into two different sections. Make sure you visit the Basilica, Saint Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge and Doge’s Palace. Venice is also known as the most romantic cities in the entire world. Whisk away your special someone for a trip to Venice and laze through the enchanting gondola rides.

The Marvel To Look Out For - Pisa! The Word Itself Says It All!

Pisa is undoubtedly a word that needs no descriptions at all. Even a small kid knows about the Leaning Tower Of Pisa and the wonder it is! The leaning tower, which is one among the seven wonders of the world is a must visit to be added to your bucket list. After you could finally caste your glance away from the Pisa, look around to find other marvellous creations like the immortal Cathedral, beatific Bapistery and the mystic Cemetery. Pisa is also the wonderful world of stellar museums like the Museum of Synopses and Cathedral Museum. When you leave the museums, take a stroll along the Arno river and check out the Piazza dei Cavalieri and Clock Palace.

Destination Management Companies In Italy

When you think of organising an event in Italy, the first barrier would be the unrecognisable language issues. But with the ever-reliable destination management companies in Italy, language is never a barrier to visit the marvel and conduct events with perfection. There are excellent destination management companies in US  that conduct events with quality, perfection and precision abiding by all the standards and within the stipulated budgets. They always ensure that the visitors get to know the excellence and authenticity of Italy to the core. Companies like Synergies DMC Italy, VET DMC Italy, CONSULTA DMC Italy and PR INCENTIVES DMC are the top DMC in Italy.