How To Choose Destination Management Company Based On Its Merits?

There is a strong relationship between the destination management company and the event planners. Research has gone to prove the strengths and weakness of one can affect the other along with the technological effect and marketing efforts. A survey conducted with 200 samples online analyzes the state of the DMC to combat market challenges. The Study conducted by a university in South California reveals the following:

DMC Vs Meeting planners

  • DMCs have a more positive approach to the business with their strengths and opportunities rated higher when compared to meeting planner
  • The DMC ensures the events are organized based on the client specification without any compromise on quality. They also have their crisis management strategies in place. Meanwhile, the meeting planners find the DMC having home turf advantage that saves time for the planners.
  • The biggest weakness of DMC is lack of coordination with others and underestimating their resources. The meeting planners believe that the DMCs lack creativity and often come up with replaceable services.
  • Though both DMC and event planners do online booking for hotels, in-house travel planners in hotels are a major threat to their business. Apart from this social media is creating awareness of the opportunities available creating a threat.

Bettering the position with planners

For a thriving relationship between DMCs and planners, and to better their position DMC has to embrace strong dynamics of local knowledge and contacts with the local vendors. Social media is creating a strong awareness making information available across platforms. The DMC has to provide satisfaction guarantee to promote their business. They should undertake strong cultural inspections across various destinations to study their heritage and legalities. A dynamic risk management service can promote DMC to a great extent. Meanwhile, opportunities to work with big DMC consortiums should not be missed as it gives an opportunity to improve global partnerships.

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