How Digital Marketing Helps In Tech Job Recruitments?

Tech Jobs Recruitment Through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed every sector, even recruitment for tech positions such as project manager jobs and network administrator jobs. Earlier businesses relied on cold calls, emails, job fairs, and word of mouth to attract top talent. Now, all these strategies have gone online.

To lure in the right candidates, companies depend on digital marketing techniques like:

  • Virality
  • Chatbots
  • Social campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Programmatic marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

With each new year, more IT companies adopt these methods for effective recruitment for middleware jobs, java jobs, etc. In this blog, we take a peek at how digital marketing can be used for tech recruitment.

Digital and Recruitment Marketing Go Hand In Hand

Employer branding for the win.
A recruitment report from 2019 says that bad employer branding is a primary reason for poor candidate experience. And a poor experience pushes away good talent from your business.

When companies are branded as good employers, it sells your top offerings. You show to job seekers your culture, which plays a critical role in attracting superior talent for vacancies like oracle jobs and mainframe jobs. Hence, use digital marketing for employer branding.

Tech Jobs Recruitment Through Digital Marketing

  • Inbound job applications are better.

Inbound candidate applications are similar to inbound leads. Any inbound application is a qualified lead – a customer ready to invest in your products. Therefore, they are more effective. In the same manner, job seekers who come to you are more viable.

How do you generate inbound candidates for tech? By ensuring that when someone performs a Google search for QA tester jobs or business analyst jobs, the positions land on top.

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  • Candidate relationship management is essential.

Candidate relationship management is the same as CRM. But instead of attracting customers, businesses entice passive and active job seekers. This is possible through email marketing and sharing content with candidates on embedded systems jobs trends or the latest salary of salesforce jobs.

Another aspect of candidate management is maintaining a database of tech candidates with minute details like:

  1. Which kind of candidate shows interest in a particular job?
  2. Which kind of candidate rejects specific jobs?
  3. Social media marketing for job promotions.

Paid posting for sap jobs, PeopleSoft jobs, etc., on LinkedIn, Stackoverflow and AngelList are great for gaining qualified leads. They help tech businesses attract more candidates than usually possible. Further, by investing in recruitment marketing on such social media campaigns, organizations can reduce the costs of subscribing to multiple job boards.

Digital Tools Businesses Can Use For Recruitment Marketing

It is clear that digital marketing and recruitment go hand in hand. By using digital tools, IT companies can rely on data-driven recruiting. In other words, you can leverage hard data to take budgeting decisions related to recruitment, such as how much to spend on which social channel. The benefits of this are immense. Here are some digital marketing tools business can utilize:

Social Media - Digital Tools Businesses Can Use For Recruitment Marketing

  • Career page content

Content is the biggest digital tool tech firms have. A great website with great content and an intuitive career page can become key to entice top talent to apply for positions. Rather a well-planned and executed career page can turn a mere visitor to the site into a job seeker. Put it simply, the content on your website can make it an excellent sourcing channel.

  • Recruiting SEO

Another digital tool companies can wield is SEO for recruiting. When your SEO is remarkable, Google tracks your business. So, when you list a job posting on your website, it lands on the top page of the Google search result. And that helps more job seekers find an open position in your tech firm more easily.

All in all, using informative, inclusive, and search engine optimized content on the website is essential for recruitment. Besides, SEO brings in organic traffic to the website, which helps in employer branding.

To sum it up, digital marketing is of significant advantage for recruitment. When done right, it gets you, qualified job applicants. It saves you the effort and time spent on chasing uninterested and non-qualified candidates and leaves you with direct leads to the best talent.

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