Travel Scams And How To Avoid Them


While traveling we come across several people, and tourist places and routes tend to be crowded and there are greater chances of being duped or robbed. While it is not all that bad as we fear, it is always best to be wary rather than sorry later.

Keep cash safe: People automatically tend to know a tourist. Although the world is not that bad a place as it is portrayed to be, the chances of being pick-pocketed, misplaced baggage and reaching the wrong destination are all so true. Having cash kept safe in unexpected places like your toiletry bag, an inner pocket of your bag or even a concealed pocket in your clothing will be a great backup just in case you are robbed, the ATM does not work or anytime you are in need of a little extra.

Impostors: Fake officials on buses and trains may try to trick you into paying a fine by claiming that you are on the wrong bus or train for the ticket that you bought. The only way to make sure that you are not taken for a ride is to know where you are going and how much it would cost to get there by the mode of transport that you have opted for.


ATM Scams: Use ATMs at banks to ensure that you don’t get cheated and your ATM details don’t fall into the wrong hands. If you notice any problem, walk into the bank and inform the officials immediately.

Distractions: Thieves tend to bump into you and while you are distracted, they pickpocket you. Else while one pretends to help you with your luggage, another might dash away with your wallet or purse.

While traveling one needs to stay alert, especially if traveling alone. People even pretend to be travel guides and misguide you to the wrong places and people only to be duped.

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