Eerie Place: Island Of The Dolls


This is probably among the creepiest of tourist attractions in the world and is located in
Mexico City. It is on a private property but tours are conducted for those interested in paranormal activities. The story is set at a time when Don Julian Santana moved to this location to spend the rest of his life as a hermit. Three girls once visited this place and while playing one of them drowned in the creek. It is said that her restless spirit began haunting the island and

Don Julian tried to appease the girl’s spirit by offering her a doll to ward off the paranormal activity. However, the activities increased and Don Julian kept offering more and more dolls in different places around the Island. Don Julian traded food for dolls, and he left the island only to get more dolls. It is said that Don Julian Santana was found dead in 2001 in the same canal where the little girl had drowned. Freaky enough, this place was also featured in the Destination Truth show hosted by Syfy channel and has recorded paranormal activity.

So the next trip make a detour and visit this eerie island and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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