A Guiding Light On SEO For Travel Websites And Blogs

seo in travel blog

Nowadays people are more interested in going for a trip during their leisure time, to relax from their otherwise monotonous hectic daily work schedules. So, what do they do when they plan to go for a solo trip or a family tour? Yes, always the first option is to check search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Here SEO comes in picture. Some top seo companies in Chennai have introduced a seo guide to boost online ranking in the website moz.com. Here are some excerpts from it:

Ø SEO helps the travel website or blogs to rank higher in the search results so that the website link appears on the first page of search results itself.
Ø SEO methods are more cost efficient and everlasting compared to other modes of advertisements which are more expensive and has less impact.
Ø By implying SEO practices, the websites get a minimum of 2000 clicks per day, and at least half of them books the travel company, thus getting an edge over other competitors.

Thus we can clearly assume that SEO makes a noteworthy change in the field of travel business.

Now, how do we incorporate an effective SEO in our travel websites and blogs? Here is a guiding light to it:

travel blog seo

Ø The first and most efficient method is Local SEO. When people search for the locality in which our travel website/blog is concentrated in, then the search engines show our websites or blogs in the search results.
Ø Create a Google My Business account and verify the address of our business.
Ø Always remember to add schema information on the web page
Ø Always add local contact address, phone numbers, and email id to contact you
Ø Always try to get a maximum number of links from other good websites and pages.
Ø Present the home page in the maximum attractive manner to give a good first impression. Beautiful pictures, happy people, highlighting your major attractions, amenities, etc.
Ø Provide separate pages for each locality and cities so that it would be much easier for the user.
Ø Give a detailed description of the properties with creative writings, beautiful pictures, reviews of happy customers and live chat options.
Ø Provide breadcrumbs at the top of each page to go back to any page quickly.
Ø Think up some unique and creative titles that can easily grab the attention of the viewers.
Ø The page content should always be unique. There may be several travel websites or blogs for the same area. So we need to stand out from the crowd using proper creative page content.
Ø User reviews and ratings help the websites and blogs in catching the attention of the viewers and build an impression.
Ø The technical SEO also needs to be taken care of- page speed, mobile friendly, correct URLs, 404 pages, site maps, optimization of pictures and videos, etc.
Ø Make use of the social media, as people nowadays are very active on social media platforms. Use it to promote the business in an efficient manner.
Ø Always maintain well-organized travel blogs as an advantage to your travel websites. It is the best possible way to educate the users about the specialties of a particular area, activities that can be done, direct the viewers to the web page, provide beautiful pictures of locales, etc.

Hence, with the changing times, SEO for travel websites and blogs have become an integral part of any travel-based companies.

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