Smart Travel With Mobile Gear


Mobiles and laptops have become such an essential part of our lives that even if we were to make a trip to the densest part of Amazon or the dreariest part of Sahara, we wouldn’t go without our gadgets. As you have already decided that they are as essential as your hands and legs to go on the trip, here are a few tips on smart travel with these mobile gears which are good for a vacation and probably most necessary when embarking on that special business trip that you have been preparing that PowerPoint presentation for over a month now.

Keep a cable stash ready. I recommend mesh kind of stash as they give greater visibility into its contents and is a favorite among the baggage security people. You could purchase spare adaptors for each of your gadgets and store them in your special cable stash ready for any time travel. As you pack you just need to push this cable stash into your baggage and you are ready to go. The cable stash can also include extra USB and micro-USB cables and an Ethernet cable which can come in handy at any time. Hotel rooms often tend to lack enough power outlets, a mobile power strip is a great addition to the cable stash.

img3Purchase a good carry on bag. I would consider it an investment to purchase the perfect bag built sturdy and with compartments. While the carry on is expandable it also allows to compartmentalize your belongings into specific sections and avoids clutter while keeping them compact and in easily findable locations. Latest carry on bags come with a special section for laptops on the top of the bag which can be separately accessed just in case you want to use your laptop while in transit. The section has enough space for folders and other stationery in general. Make sure that your shoulder bag or backpack has enough space for your laptop just in case the airport authority asks you to send your carry-on in the luggage section.

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